What are the Side Effects of Not Wearing a Bra?

What are the Side Effects of Not Wearing a Bra?

A bra is an essential piece of innerwear for every woman. There is no definite age or rule for starting to wear a bra, but there are definite signs. A bra helps provide support and maintain the shape of breasts. The right bra can help ease muscle strain and also uplift the look of any outfit. While many women choose to go braless to reduce the added expense and feel free, there are certain side effects of not wearing a bra.

Here are the 5 Side Effects of Not Wearing a Bra

A bra helps in more than just reducing the appearance of nipples and maintaining societal standards of decent clothing. If you are contemplating whether to go bra-less or not, then this post will discuss all the major disadvantages of not wearing a bra for your easy understanding.

1. Causes Muscle Soreness

If you have been wearing a bra for quite a long time, then you will feel a significant difference when you keep it off for a while. While not wearing a bra is great while sleeping, it is essential to wear this innerwear while moving or exercising.
Among the major not wearing a bra side effects are muscle and breast soreness. The weight of your breasts with no support will cause the adjacent muscles to be sore and leave them feeling tender.

2. Muscle Stress

Besides soreness, no bra side effects also include muscle stress. Your breasts have some weight, and when you move around, a bra supports this weight. Not wearing a bra causes the neck, shoulder, and back area to strain and can lead to muscle knots.

It is thus important to wear a well-fitted bra to avoid this issue. If comfort is your issue, then you can choose from C9 Airwear's range of bras made of high-quality materials that are good for everyday use and offer peak comfort.

3. Reduced Confidence

It is a fact that breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Often, due to societal standards of beauty, a woman can feel underconfident because of their breast size. Not wearing a bra can further accentuate their insecurities.
Bras play a major role in giving your breasts a good shape and can help you feel more comfortable and confident. If small size is your insecurity, a push-up bra will give your breasts an uplifted and fuller appearance. You can choose a lacy bralette to feel beautiful or opt for a casual t-shirt bra to take away unnecessary attention from large breasts.

4. Breast Sagging

With age and with motherhood, a woman's body goes through various changes. The breast loses their youthful firmness and perky shape and sag. Besides, after motherhood, there are also stretch marks around the breast area.
One of the key side effects of not wearing bra is accelerated breast sagging. Wearing a good quality bra can significantly help reduce sagging and further stretch marks by providing the right support.

5. Nipple Sensitivity

One of the major disadvantages of not wearing a bra is that it can trigger nipple sensitivity. Your nipples are, by nature, going to be sensitive to touch during menstrual cycles, breastfeeding, menopause, or any hormonal change. Not wearing a bra will cause friction and enhance the sensitivity.


It is true that a bra often appears to be an added hassle and an expense. However, the side effects of not wearing a bra often compensate for the minor discomfort it causes. Besides, wearing a properly fitted bra reduces these issues as well. Always listen to what your body says, and do not blindly follow trends. Your breasts need support, and for that, a bra is necessary.

If you are looking for high-quality bras for everyday use at affordable rates, then you can visit C9 Airwear. Our comprehensive range of bras is made of the best materials and comes in different designs and shapes to suit different needs. With our bras, opting not to go bra-less is a decision you will never regret.

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