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Thermal Bottom for Mens

Discover our collection of Thermal bottom wear for men at C9 Airwear. These thermal bottoms are designed to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. Made from Micro Acrylic fibre by Toyobo Japan, which maintains the body’s natural warm temperature, they provide an extra layer of warmth without adding bulk.

Our Thermal Bottoms are tailored for a snug fit, ensuring heat stays close to your body. Don't let the cold weather slow you down – stay warm and comfortable with C9 Airwear's Thermal Bottoms for Men!

Fabric Used


Our Thermal bottoms for Men are made using Micro Acrylic fibre by Toyobo Japan, which maintains the body’s natural warm temperature & provides an additional layer of heat without causing irritation to your skin. It traps heat close to your body, ensuring you stay cosy without adding bulk to your outfit. Choose our Thermal mens bottom wear online to conquer the cold with ease and style.

Anti-bacterial Thermal (N9 TECHNOLOGY)

C9 Airwear thermals "HEATMAX" are anti-bacterial thermals made using N9 TECHNOLOGY that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria on the thermals when in contact. This anti-bacterial action gives durability upto 100 washes and ensures the thermal stays fresher for longer.

Choose our Thermal Tops that give warmth, comfort, four-way stretchability, and ease of movement without compromising on Quality.

Frequently Asked Question

01. How Do Thermal Bottoms Work?


Thermal bottoms work by trapping your body heat close to your skin. They successfully protect you from the cold since they are constructed of materials that produce a layer of warmth. This layout keeps you warm by maintaining your body temperature in chilly weather.

02. What Are the Benefits of Wearing Thermal Bottoms?


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04. How to Care for and Wash Thermal Bottoms?


05. Can Thermal Bottoms Be Worn as Sleepwear?