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Activewear for Women

We understand the importance of combining fashion and function, and our collection is a testament to that. Discover a range of athletic apparel that empowers you to conquer your fitness goals in style. From moisture-wicking shorts that keep you cool during intense workouts to supportive sports bras that offer both comfort and performance, we have it all.

Our activewear for ladies is thoughtfully crafted with a focus on flexibility, durability, and fashion-forward design. Elevate your active lifestyle and redefine your workout wardrobe with our women's activewear. Embrace comfort, embrace style – explore our collection today and embark on your fitness journey with confidence.

Fabric Used

Polyamide Polyester Elastane

For enhanced flexibility and comfort, our range of activewear for women incorporates Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane. This trio creates a fabric that not only resists the rigours of your active lifestyle but also offers a flexible, snug fit that moves with your body. Stay at the top of your game with our Polyamide Polyester Elastane activewear collection at C9 Airwear.

Polyamide Elastane

Experience ultimate comfort and support with our activewear collection, expertly crafted from a blend of Polyamide and Elastane. These products are designed to be your trusted companion in the gym, offering exceptional elasticity and shape retention. With a perfect balance of style and functionality, they ensure you stay comfortable and focused on your workout. Elevate your fitness routine with superior-performance activewear for ladies.

Frequently Asked Question

01. Why is activewear important for women's fitness routines?


Activewear is essential to women's fitness routines since it provides support, comfort, and flexibility when exercising. Activewear, which is clothing made specifically for physical activity, is a crucial component of any fitness plan since it enhances performance, lessens discomfort, and increases confidence.

02. What are the benefits of moisture-wicking fabrics in activewear?


03. Can I wear the same activewear for different types of exercises?


04. How should I care for and clean my activewear to prolong its lifespan?