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Thermal Wear for Women

Embrace warmth and style in the coldest of seasons with our range of premium thermal innerwear for women. We understand that staying cosy without compromising on fashion is a priority, and our collection delivers just that. From snug and insulating thermal tops to comfortable and versatile thermal bottoms, we have the perfect solution for your winter wardrobe.

Our thermal wear is made from Micro Acrylic fibre by Toyobo Japan, which maintains the body’s natural warm temperature. It provides an additional layer of heat without causing irritation to your skin or restricting your movement. Elevate your cold-weather fashion and stay snug in style with our collection of thermal wear for women. Shop now and beat winter with confidence and style.

Fabric Used


C9 AIrwear’s Heatmax thermals are made of micro-acrylic fibre by TOYOBO Japan, Liva Eco Viscose & polyamide elastane. This unique material is engineered for double heat retention, that keeps you warm in cold conditions. It effectively traps heat close to your body, keeping you snug without adding bulk to your clothes. Opt for our thermal innerwear for women to stay warm during the cold with both ease and style.

Anti-bacterial Thermal (N9 TECHNOLOGY)

C9 Airwear thermals "HEATMAX" are anti-bacterial thermals made using N9 TECHNOLOGY that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria on the thermals when in contact. This anti-bacterial action gives durability upto 100 washes and ensures the thermal stays fresher for longer.

Choose our Thermal wear to stay warm and stylish in the cold.

Frequently Asked Question

01. What are the benefits of wearing thermals for women?


Wearing thermal innerwear for women provides several benefits, including exceptional warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and insulation. They are designed to keep you comfortably warm during cold weather, making them an ideal choice for winter activities and layering under other clothing.

02. Are thermals only for extremely cold weather?


03. Are thermals actually warm?


04. Can I wear thermals as standalone clothing?