Top 5 Reason Why Women Wear Bra

Why Women Wear Bra

A well-fitted, comfortable bra is like a good friend to a woman, and only she knows how important it is. Ever since bras were invented in 1914, they have undergone various changes in shape, material, and style. At present, we have normal cotton bras, padded bras, underwired bras, and much more to keep up with the changing fashion trends.

Whether you are wearing a strapless gown for an event or a T-shirt for a day's errand, there is a bra for every occasion. Although, on the surface, bras may seem like a hassle, there are various reasons why bras are important. This post highlights the top five.

Here are the 5 Reason Why Women Wear Bra

Provides Support

A key reason why women wear bra is that these undergarments play a major role in providing support. Breasts are heavy and cause strain on the neck and shoulder. A bra provides support and relieves this strain. It also helps to maintain a proper posture. This is majorly true for women with heavy breasts who face backaches and severe neck pain. To ensure that you receive the right support, choose good quality bras that are right in size and fit.

Improves Confidence

There are several reasons why bras are necessary and one major reason is how they provide confidence. A good quality bra like the ones from offer style and comfort and provide the exact support you need. C9 Airwear has a wide collection of bras for every body type and outfit need. Remember, a good bra enhances the overall appearance of your outfit. This, in turn, will make you much more confident in walking out.

Reduces Sagging

Ageing is a natural process, and with time, breasts are subject to sagging, which makes a lot of women insecure. A good bra plays a major part in preventing considerable sagging. Providing support keeps the breasts uplifted and helps to combat the signs of sagging in a big way. While it is not possible to fully eliminate this issue, wearing a bra can significantly delay the process.

Beautifies Shape

It is shocking how many women are insecure about their bodies, especially their breast size. Thanks to unnatural beauty standards set by society, women with larger or smaller breasts often feel underconfident and refrain from wearing certain clothes. If you are wondering why are bras necessary, a major reason is that a bra helps women enhance the natural form of their breasts. With padded bras or underwired bras, you can easily achieve a fuller look. Heavy-breasted women can choose bras with lighter materials to take the focus away from their bust area.

Offers Comfort

Imagine carrying a weight around all day, every day. Sounds uncomfortable, right? That is exactly why bras are important. They provide much-needed comfort by keeping the breasts in place. A good-quality bra in light, breathable fabric is the perfect companion for your daily tasks.


Besides societal requirements of decency and style purposes, there are indeed many more reasons why women wear bra. It provides support, comfort, and, most importantly, confidence. If you are searching for high-quality bras in different styles, you can check out C9 Airwear and its comprehensive range. Their bras are made from the best fabric to prevent chaffing or any infection and are designed to suit every bust size and shape.

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