World Water Day 2024 - How C9 Airwear Contribute to Water Conservation

World Water Day 2024 - How C9 Airwear Contribute to Water Conservation

The world celebrated World Water Day on 22nd March 2024 to understand and acknowledge the value of fresh water for our existence. Due to global warming water pollution, this natural resource is at risk. Major industries and businesses worldwide are constantly implementing ways to take a step towards preventing water contamination through their operations.

This year, C9 Airwear also took a step forward and announced its focus on conserving this elixir of life. The company has been focused on sustainability from the day it began operations. Whether using organic and recycled fibres for its products or eco-friendly technology, C9 is always on a mission to implement environmentally sustainable methods.

Here's How C9 Airwear Contribute to Water Conservation

The C9 Airwear Steps

Understanding the importance of water, the company has employed a number of methods in its production and operations to reduce water contamination. Each step is much more than a water-saving technique. These are planned and executed to provide a much more holistic and positive effect on the environment.


One major way C9 is contributing to water conservation is through an effective recycling system. The company treats and reuses almost 95% of waste water is recycled which is approx 2850 KL water per day. Effluent Treatment Plants and Reverse Osmosis Systems are prominent technologies in this regard. This significantly reduced the total daily freshwater usage.

Better Equipment

C9 Airwear also invests in top-notch equipment like powerful dying machines and low-flow faucets. These machines control the water used and reduce the main by a huge margin. C9 Airwear's eco-friendly dying system promotes water conservation and lowers chemical use. C9 Airwear does all this without compromising on the quality of its products. Be it their innerwear, activewear, thermals or shapewear, each product they manufacture is of the highest quality.

Company Environment

C9 knows that using technology alone is not enough.  The company practices a healthy and sustainable culture in its everyday workings. There is proper awareness about the benefits and need for water conservation, and steps are taken so that employees implement these healthy practices.

Long Term Goal

This World Water Day, the company further reaffirmed its commitment to conserving water through effective practices in its manufacturing and operations. They believe that offering the best products is a similar goal. If possible, the company is prepared to undertake further steps to ensure a zero-water footprint. C9 Airwear is dedicated to continuing its journey toward water conservation in the coming years.


Companies like C9 Airwear show how a business can contribute to the planet and inspire customers and employees through ethical practices. Their innovative approach to recycled fibres and unique technology shows their commitment to war conservation.

When you purchase from C9 Airwear, you not only get a premium-quality product but also contribute to a greener future, a future where fresh water will be risk-free. Visit their website and check out their vast collection for men, women, and teenagers. Each product bears a stamp of quality and testament to their water-friendly practices. So, why wait? Take a step and do your part.

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