World Earth Day 2024 - Sangam Group is Set to Weave Sustainability with Future Promises

Sangam Group is Set to Weave Sustainability with Future Promises

April 22 celebrates the reminder of responsibilities toward protecting Mother Earth and preserving the belongings. As another Earth Day is nearing, Indian establishments attempt to ingrain sustainability with future promises. One of the leading organizations is Sangam Group, C9 AIRWEAR's parent company.

Based at Bhilwara in Rajasthan, this establishment aims to produce PV-dyed yarn, ready-to-stitch fabric, and cotton & OE yarn. This article narrates how the company spreads awareness about eco-friendly practices for the betterment of Mother Earth.

Top Initiatives that the Sangam Group Implements on World Earth Day For a Greener World Ahead

With an objective to embrace sustainability with its textile business, Sangam Group wants to build a greener future. The company has created excellent environment-friendly practices using recycled and organic raw materials. Every step that Sangam takes aims to reduce energy consumption. Currently, it has taken a pledge to redefine its operations with certain initiatives mentioned below.

Pollution Control with a Zero Discharge Policy

Sangam stays committed to Mother Earth by integrating a zero-liquid discharge policy. The company has also invested in three ETPs or effluent treatment plants, and four STPs or sewage treatment plants. With these intentions, it aims to prevent water contamination by releasing it back into the environment.

Zero Coal Policy by Including Biomass Boiler

From extracting to burning, coal can pose serious dangers to the environment. So, the company's zero-pollution pledge goes beyond just water. It aims to reduce coal consumption to ensure lesser carbon emission and thus promote better environmental health.

Sangam Group has introduced biomass boilers to convert bio-waste products into thermal power. With this approach, the company walks the path of sustainability and aims for a greener and cleaner environment.

Embracing Sustainable Fibres

Material sourcing is a big part of the textile business. That's why Sangam Group focuses on choosing eco-friendly fibres like:

  • Ecovero Viscose
  • Modal
  • Micro modal
  • Bamboo
  • Acrylic
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Biodegradable Polyester
  • Biodegradable spandex
  • Tencel
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Liva Eco Modal
  • Liva Eco Viscose
  • Lenzing Eco Modal and more

In addition, it also shifted to REACH, MRSL & and MSDS-approved chemicals for dyeing and processing. Sangam minimises the environmental footprint from the first manufacturing phase by undertaking a new approach to material selection, dyeing, and processing.

In-House Operations for Generating Renewable Energy

The company's green revolutions don't just stop at careful sourcing or production. It also uses renewable energy with the help of 18MW of solar power capacity and five wind turbines of 5MW around six plants.

Sustainable Packaging

Each Sangam product is packaged and shipped in an eco-friendly manner to reduce carbon footprint and lower environmental impacts. The company transitions to biodegradable solutions to eliminate plastic pollution.

In addition, to ensure sustainability, Sangam has collaborated with the world's top consultancy firms for the best environmental practices. The holistic approach ensures the entity remains accountable for the impacts on employees, communities, and society as a whole.

Leaders working at Sangam Group think that sustainability, in general, is a long journey. It is significantly impacted by diverse workforce empowerment and ethical practices. So, by keeping up the standards, the company has always remained true to its business philosophies. With the above approaches, this business aims to go a step higher in the game of sustainability this Earth Day 2024.

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