How to Wear a Bra Correctly - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Wear a Bra

A bra is an essential piece of innerwear that offers a range of benefits, from comfort and support to enhancing the overall appearance of any outfit. Besides, bras are standard norms with respect to societal standards of decency. But did you know that there is a guide on how to wear a bra? Sounds a bit extreme, right? But it is true. There are a few basic things that can go wrong when you are wearing a bra, even though you have chosen the right size. Only a few women know how to correctly wear a bra, although it is not some high-level information. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, as detailed below.

A Detailed Guide on How to Wear a Bra

If you want to know how to wear a bra step by step, read each step carefully and implement it.

Lean On

The first thing to consider while wearing a bra is the posture. A lot of people find it difficult to do so due to limited flexibility or shorter arm length. The best way to wear a bra is by leaning forward. Not only does this help in reaching the back, but it also allows the breasts to settle in the bra cups in a more natural and smooth way. Once you have placed the bra correctly, you can then straighten up and make any necessary adjustments if needed.

Fastening the Hooks

The next, natural step on how to wear a bra is to fasten the hooks. Some bras have connector-style hooks, while some have hook and eye-style hooks. Irrespective of the type, every bra has a minimum of three to four hook slots, which cater to different comfort levels. A common mistake in hooking a bra with the hook and eye style is to hook only a single clasp. This results in partial support and leads to back aches. You should always fasten all the clasps and ensure that they are neither too tight nor too loose. The best way to determine it is to check the bra band. In the perfect fitting, the bra band will sit flat on your back and be parallel to the ground without moving up or down.

Adjust the Straps

A bra strap is a major part of a bra which provides the support you need to ease your shoulders. While wearing a bra, always adjust the straps based on your comfort. If you make them too tight, then you will feel back and shoulder pain. But if you adjust them too loose, then it might keep falling off and be quite inconvenient. A basic tip on how to wear bra for beginners is to ensure that there is a two-finger easy gliding space under your bra strap to ensure the perfect fit. To experience even more comfort, ensure that you purchase good quality bras like those from C9 Airwear. We use the best quality materials with various adjustable options to guarantee peak comfort and support.

For Limited Mobility

A lot of times, women find it difficult to fasten the hooks from the back due to arm pain or mobility issues. In such cases, they should know how to wear bra from front. All you have to do is wear the bra like a belt around your upper abdomen area and lower to your breasts with the hook in front. Then, you have to fasten the hooks and slide the bra around so that the cups are in the front and the hook is at the back. Then, very carefully, you have to pull it up and slide your arms through each armhole. Once the bra is in place, you can make necessary adjustments based on your comfort.


Knowing how to wear a bra is important so that you receive the support and comfort you need from it. But it is equally essential to invest in a good quality bra to experience utmost comfort. If you are looking for a wide range of bras, from padded to non-padded, in different materials and price ranges to suit your needs, you can rely on C9 Airwear. With a keen eye on design and comfort, we have a bra for every body and bust size.

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