How to Choose the best Underwear brand for Men

How to Choose the best Underwear brand for Men

The world is yours to conquer! As a man, what drives you, is all inside of you. What is inside is of prime importance and underwear for men is definitely on the top. So let's bring this inside story out!

Here is everything you need to know about the best men’s underwear. You can depend on C9 Airwear to offer you the best underwear for men in India.

Whether you are ahead of all, the front runner for your company, or climbing the ladder fast, your daily comfort, style, and movement all contribute to your success. Wearing the correct fit that feels like a second skin is what C9 Airwear underwear for mens promises.


If you are looking for reasons to wear underwear, then consider protection from chafing and irritation above all. The fabric, the comfortable snugness, and the severity of the support bands come way before style, shape, and fashion. You can always trust yourselves to find the best underwear brand in the fantastic product range of C9 Airwear.


Factors like protection (tailored perfectly), comfort, so that your skin breathes while preventing moisture, to avoid rashes, and skin infections, and support that is appropriate to wear for the attire you choose formal or casual, are important. While style defines what you see in the mirror can be expressed by your underwear. It is after all a reflection of your sexuality and your gentlemanly sensuousness, designed to become an option of the best men’s underwear.

Types of underwear for men:

There is an ocean of offers for types of underwear for men; so how do you fish for the right one? We have made it easy for you, all you have to do is click here for the C9 Airwear extensive range of the best underwear for men in India. 

Your checklist should include the fabric for softness, breathability, and how absorbent it is while addressing any coverage that you might prefer.

  • Boxers - the ever-dependable underwear that boasts of comfort in every situation. The support bands are casual, allowing you to feel your freedom comfortably, even in the office 
  • Briefs - They also go by the name of jockeys; yes very much a reminder of the man on horse exercising great control and therefore need great support. Well, briefs do just that.
  • C9 Airwear offers an extensive range of colours and fits as the best brand for mens underwear in India. 
  • Boxer Briefs - When boxers married briefs, we got a hybrid with the best qualities of both. Snug, comfort, and perfect fit.
  • Trunks - More improvements to boxer briefs were made after extensive research and what was presented as another option for underwear for men was the trunks. They simply run on the trail of flexibility as well as breathability where boxer-briefs left off. Think of it as a slightly longer brief.
  • Bikini Cut - If you prefer more exposure of the thigh as a special occasion might demand it, then go for it. It turns on just more than your regular charm.
  • Jockstrap - Bring out the athlete with this type of underwear for men. Believe me, you will be a winner all the way. 
  • G-String - Giving you the least coverage to explore more in your life.
  • Long Johns - These are simply long underwear for men. Best to be used when it's really cold in terms of temperature. Lest you are worried about your comfort, be assured that these are a good snug fit, and offer full protection and plenty of stretch.

 You may want to explore other mens underwear brands in India but be assured that nothing will match the styles, fits, comfort, and protection that all the C9 Airwear products offer. Don't believe us? Just click here to find out.

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