Bra Buying Guide for Teenagers: How to Find Best Brand?

Bra Buying Guide for Teenagers: How to Find Best Brand?

The journey into womanhood often begins with the purchase of the first bra. It is more than a piece of clothing and is a milestone for teenagers, marking a new stage in their lives. However, with so many styles, brands, and size guides, it can be quite confusing to choose the right bra. To make this memorable transition easy, here is a bra buying guide for teenagers.

How to Find the Right Size

For young girls, their first experience with a bra needs to be comfortable. It is something they will be wearing for the rest of their lives and so a proper educated introduction is necessary. This way, they will know how to buy a bra that fits.

Measure Properly: Take a measuring tape and measure the underbust and bust size. Bra sizes can vary between brands, so it is always better to refer to the size guide provided on their website and match your measurements. Brands like C9 Airwear have proper guides on their website for easy understanding.

Check the Fit: Many women who have been wearing a bra for years still buy wrong-sized, ill-fitted bras. It takes practice to buy a perfect size bra. If it is the right fit, it will feel comfortable around the band, and the straps should also be in place with a two-finger passing space. The cups should not have gaps or spillage.

Bras for the Teenage Girl

A teenage girl will not be suited for the usual bras that are available on the market. Their changing and developing bust area will need special bras that are convenient for every use. The following are two basic bras ideal for the teenage body.

Training Bras

These are best for developing breasts and are made of cotton and similar breathable materials to make the teen feel at ease. Training bras offer moderate coverage and are made for this developmental stage.

Soft Cup Bras

These are good for teens who have heavier breasts with developed nipple buds. These have proper padding in soft, lightweight materials to offer comfort and coverage.

How to Choose the Right Brand

Choosing the right bra also requires making a purchase from a good brand. You can consider the given bra buying tips to find the best brand.

Brand Reputation: Check the online reviews section of the brand. See how previous customers speak of their quality and durability.

Collection: See the collection of the brand and check the size range and style options they have. Good brands will have a size guide provided.

Cost: Remember, good quality does not always mean a big price tag. See the prices of the different bras they have and for which material.


Buying the first bra as a teenager can be quite overwhelming. Following the points mentioned in this bra buying guide for teenagers, you will have a less complex and more exciting experience. Always choose comfort and confidence and do not do with any trend. If you are looking for high-quality bras at competitive rates, you can check out C9 Airwear’s collection of teen bras. Their teen bras come in different options like seamless styles, soft padding, and broad straps for the ultimate comfort.

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