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High Impact Sports Bra

Bring on your inner powerhouse with our high impact sports bras designed exclusively for women who redefine fitness.Our women's sports bras are the ultimate companions for your gym sessions and runs. Engineered for maximum support and comfort, they're your trusty sidekicks in achieving your fitness goals.

Whether you're pushing weights or breaking a sweat on the track, our sports bras provide the support you need to conquer every workout. They offer 4 way support, are made from the moisture wicking technology, and do not dig into your skin so that you don’t have to adjust with your activewear. With the perfect blend of style and functionality, you'll look and feel amazing, boosting your motivation to reach new heights in your fitness journey.

Make every stride and lift count with a C9 Airwear women’s sports bra. Elevate your game, redefine your limits, and grab your sports bra for the gym by C9 Airwear.

Fabric Selection

Polyamide Polyester Elastane

For enhanced flexibility and comfort, some sports bras incorporate Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane. This trio creates a fabric that not only resists the rigours of your active lifestyle but also offers a flexible, snug fit that moves with your body. Stay at the top of your game with our Polyamide Polyester Elastane sports bras at C9 Airwear.

Polyamide Elastane

Experience ultimate comfort and support with our women's sports bra, expertly crafted from a blend of Polyamide and Elastane. These sports bras are designed to be your trusted companion in the gym, offering exceptional elasticity and shape retention. With a perfect balance of style and functionality, they ensure you stay comfortable and focused on your workout. Elevate your fitness routine with the superior performance active wear for ladies.