Let’s bust a myth first. A lot of women feel they don’t need a sports bra and it can be easily supported with a regular bra. When you move, whether you’re playing tennis or doing yoga, your boobs will bounce. And over time, that movement can cause your breast muscles to stress. So listen to the experts and decide which one is best for your next workout-


  1. High impact: High intensity work outs need high support. It’s perfect for cups A to F and HIIT workouts/circuit training
  2. Medium impact: Prepping for a sweaty spin cycle session? Go for a medium impact bra. It’ll help you sail through with just the right amount of padding, support and coverage
  3. Light impact: Hitting the barre, mat or sofa? Light, gentle movements may not need heavy duty support but can make do with a sports bra that doesn’t restrict your movement and offers 4-way stretch.


So before you hit the gym, don’t forget to add one of our quick-dry sports bras to your cart!