We’ve come a long way when lounge wear was only meant to be worn at home and lazed in our sofas. Over the past few years, it’s become more of a style statement that many are flaunting with ease. However, putting together an athleisure look is a work of art where you need to curate the right pieces that make for the perfect match. Here we share some looks that can help you start your journey in the world of loungewear!


  1. Matchy matchy- Co-ordinated looks have been all the rage. From a brunch with friends to a shopping spree, this set is a must have
  2. Keepin’ it casual- Hit snooze way too many times on the day you have a long list of errands to run? Fret not! It’s perfectly acceptable to thrown on our seamless sports bra and tights paired with chunky sneakers and step out the door to seize the day
  3. Yoga all day- it can get difficult to juggle multiple outfit changes through the day, especially when you have a power packed schedule. Our seamless yoga wear can take you from the mat to the next-door coffee shop within a jiffy

 Once you have the right loungewear (all thanks to C9 Airwear), it all gets easy. Don’t be afraid to add in your personality and experiment with your looks.